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AST is interested in considering the purchase of active issued patents in high technology areas. Please fill out the form below to submit information about your patent portfolio. We will review the information to ensure it is within our desired technologies and contact you with any questions. The patent portfolios that are within our desired technologies will be distributed to our Member companies for their evaluation and consideration.

We will notify you once we have completed our initial review and inform you if your patent portfolio has been distributed to our Member companies for their evaluation. With regards to the patent portfolios that are found within our desired technologies and distributed to our Members for their review, we will expect the active issued patent(s) to be maintained and the pending patent applications associated with the portfolio to be prosecuted; and we ask submitters to please keep us updated if the status of the assets or availability of the patent portfolio changes.

AST works across a wide range of technologies in high tech. Please select the appropriate technology category and complete all sections relevant to your portfolio submission.

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