Consortium Buying

To date, AST has acquired patent rights to over 2,500 assets worth over $420M for its Members.

AST uses a cost-sharing model and pools funds from several interested parties to acquire rights to patents at a cost lower than any individual company could acquire on its own.

AST Members include many of the world’s largest technology companies that are committed to proactively reducing the exposure to patent assertions from adversarial patent holders.

We work with our Members to identify and analyze patents of interest being sold. We then combine the funds of our interested Members to negotiate and purchase those patents.

With costs collaboratively spread among similarly situated Members, AST has historically acquired patent rights for less than one-quarter the cost of what Members could acquire on their own.

Patent and Market Analysis

AST provides a highly efficient and cost-effective method of analyzing over 800 patent purchase opportunities available on the open market every year.

Advice and technical support are provided to assist in identifying patents of interest. These patents can be reviewed with AST Members during bi-weekly calls.

The AST web-based, members-only system with technology and product categorization enables rapid search for applicable patents.

AST staff ensures the accuracy of data provided by sellers, including patent numbers, patent families, title integrity, chain of title, litigation history and other relevant information.

AST staff continually communicates with patent owners and sellers to obtain up-to-date information on opportunities which is then shared with AST Members.

AST provides quarterly assessments of the patent brokerage market including reviews of top sellers and brokers and year-over-year marketing and technology acquisition trends.

AST continually analyzes US patent assignments to identify who is selling, who is buying and the products and services categories relevant to those patents along with the patent purchase and sales activities of non-practicing entities.

Networking Opportunities

AST provides its Members with many networking opportunities throughout the year to build relationships with other Member companies to foster collaboration in solving IP issues.

Each quarter, AST Board meetings are accompanied by events both before and after the meeting, which allow its Members to network.

AST also hosts regional networking events for its Members several times per year.

Selling Your Patents

Please fill out the SUBMISSION FORM  to submit information about your patent portfolio.

AST is interested in considering the purchase of issued patents in high technology areas. We will review the information to ensure it is within our technology scope and contact you with any questions. The patent portfolios that are within our technology scope will be distributed to our Member companies for their evaluation and consideration.

Our Members may act jointly as they consider the acquisition of your patent portfolio.

Listing your patents for sale with AST enables your marketing information to be communicated to our entire Membership. AST may serve as an adjunct to your own marketing efforts by delivering your messages to tough-to-reach decision makers.

There are no fees or charges to you, the patent owner or seller, for listing or selling your portfolio with AST.

View a List of AST’s Patent Categories